dotazník pro rodiče dětí s ADHD

Dobrý den, jsem studentka Vyšší odborné školy zdravotnické ve Znojmě a píši absolventskou práci na téma " Život s ADHD ". Chtěla bych Vás tímto poprosit o vyplnění anonymního dotazníku, který Vám zabere cca 10-15 minut. Na oplátku Vám můžu na email poslat moji práci až bude hotová. Předem Vám děkuji za pomoc. Dotazník najdete zde:


  • Kristýna Škorpíková

    Kristýna Škorpíková (20.4.2015 21:08) reagovat

    Děkuji za vyplňování dotazníků.

  • Klára Outulná

    Klárika (10.9.2015 12:04) reagovat

    Dobrý den, Kristýno, bylo by možné poslat mi Vaší práci? Mám syna s ADHD a zajímalo by mě to. Díky za odpověď.

  • R. Mayer

    Saintx (30.9.2015 15:02) reagovat

    I rather write English, as my Czech grammar is lousy. I understand well what written here in Czech. Reading your survey I am astonished, about the questions, themselves. May I asked is it a qualified and quantified survey? I did not find any qualified question , asking who of the parents has diagnosed ADHD? Based on the last available information, ADS/ADHD is genetic driven. Reason I add here a comment, is that I have read 2 or 3 czech diplomas on ADHD from 2012. I was shocked as the literature used is old (2007) mainly Czech therapists. No single book from Sandra Kooij (the pope of ADHD in Europe)or from Cordula Neuhaus (focusing on adults). Nothimg about NIMH ( As more as I read in this forum the more I was astonished, what kind of treatments are recommended. From Biofeedback till Psychotherapy. Let me stress out. I am a father of two boys having both ADHS, and not ADS . Different to things I read here , they were not with 4 years diagnosed, as most psychologist refuse that. The test is useless, as it does not include and fulfill international standards for diagnosing ADH/ADHD. My sons were diagnosed in the age of almost 7, they were under supervision in kinder garden and in grammar school. To get to a qualified diagnose the input from class teacher is one element of more. Long story short, I made myself an ADS/ADHD test and the result was clear for be before even starting the test. I am diagnosed on ADHD. No question in the survey about the ADHD carrier in the family. No question how long this person is under treatment, if he/she is under treatment. How long they are aware or diagnosed. You prepare a diploma without working out the proper back ground? Each kid with ADH/ADHD got it somewhere. According international available data the range of effected adults vary between 2 to 7% of the country’s population. The last number on children I have memorized is up to 30% of all children are effected by ADH/ADHD. Further reading about the therapies proposed. ADS/ADHD is official a decease. We are not PSYCHOS, especially not children. I don’t know where this treatment are coming from. International Psych education and behavior therapy are the key to success, combined with the proper medication. We have an attention deficit plus some additional markers- but we are no PSYCHOS. We did psycho education for the kids, an behavior therapy I joined them and we took a coach working with us on family situations. ADH/ADHD in childhood is different as on adolescents. Kids with proper treatment have the possibility to train all they learned and repeat daily ( for almost 10 years) have a much higher chance in their private live and business live as adults. ADH/ADHD is transforming over the time when growing up. The percentage of a complete stop of AHDH/ADHD is seldom. The better you prepare your children , the easier will be their life. Ask yourself, who is the carrier in your family. All parents of ADH/ADHD kids know the symptoms. I saw myself in my children’s behavior , therefor it was clear to me after their diagnose who is the carrier in our family. Ask yourself what impacts did have a not treated ADH/ADHD on your private and business life. I did it and it was clear to me, that by knowing about my ADH/ADHD, and a treatment much younger , my life would have gone another route. I do not complain, as I am lucky to be as a lot of, to be highly intelligent. This intelligence need support, give your kids the support. We are on medication, and our life has changed to the positive. There are many ways to achieve that like support groups, led by attended just by impacted plus partner, to exchange experiences and problems faced. Our experience over the last 3,5 years is that a support group helps more then running from one psychologist to another. All of us had so many situations with our kids, some we handled on some we failed. Exchanging this valuable information helps you , or your information us or others. Unfortunately, I have not found for us such a group in Brno, whole Moravia. We consider to establish such a group ourselves, as the last 3,5 years gave us so many tools in our hands how to deal with the kids. I have ADHD, but as an adult I can control myself and have over the decades developed tools to reduce the impacts of ADHD. I cant use my techniques on the kids. We will be moving to Brno end of year. Who might have interest to have a support group. Reply on this post. We can do it in Czech, my verbal Czech is okay.  :) typical ADHD, I started with the survey and ended with support group, my thoughts digressed during writing :) “sharpen your mind, how ADHD is seen and treated in other countries in Europe”

  • Darina Beníčková

    Darina Beníčková (13.11.2015 14:54) reagovat

    Dobrý den Kristýno mohla bych taky poprosit o vaši práci mám 4 letého syna s ADHD děkuji Darina Beníčková

  • Leopold Kotlár

    leoš (2.10.2015 10:13) reagovat

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